Questions Answered

Our Consultants, Engineers, and Analysts answer these and many more questions:

  • How many warehousing/distribution centers (DCs) are optimal?
  • What size should each DC be?
  • Where should each facility be located geographically?
  • What inventory should be housed in each DC?
  • Which customers should be served from each DC?
  • What is the ideal combination of processes, systems, infrastructure, and labor that will produce high-service levels, low cost, flexibility, scalability and mitigate risk?

Client Experience

OPSdesign client engagements include large, prestigious, publicly-traded companies as well as small and mid-sized privately held firms seeking to add value, reduce cost, assure quality, compress time, and achieve strategic advantage and tactical superiority™. We develop lasting relationships with our clients and we are proud of the results of our collaborative efforts. Accordingly, the large majority of our workload comes from satisfied clients who choose to engage us for their next project or recommend us to others. We welcome the opportunity to furnish client references and arrange site tours.

Our professional staff’s project experience includes assignments with:

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The company names and logos above are the property of their respective owners and do not constitute an endorsement. We are pleased to furnish client references upon request.

Our Founder

Lawrence Dean Shemesh is President and CEO of OPSdesign Consulting. Prior to founding OPSdesign in 2002, Shemesh spent six years as a Senior Consultant and Partner at a nationally recognized supply chain operations consulting firm, ten years as the principal of a distribution systems integration firm, and seven years in sales and operations management.

Shemesh has managed hundreds of operations design projects spanning a variety of industries and market channels including aerospace, apparel, appliance, automotive, building products, catalog, chemical, communication, computer, consumer products electronics, food, fragrance, government, jewelry, military, pharmaceutical, publishing, retail, technology, third-party logistics, transportation, and utilities. His clients include many of the world’s most recognizable and prestigious companies, and his designs range from the functionally pragmatic to some of the most sophisticated and highly automated systems on the planet.

Shemesh is a recognized supply chain industry visionary and subject matter expert. He is an author, lecturer, expert witness, and has served as President of the Warehousing Education & Research Council (WERC) and in Presidential/Executive Board capacities on numerous professional, trade, and business associations.

OPSdesign supply chain management founder Lawrence Dean Shemesh

Professional Affiliations

OPSdesign Consulting is committed to supporting the activities of professional organizations dedicated to advancing the warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment industry’s knowledge base. We enthusiastically join our colleagues in government, education, publishing, and the private sector in taking a leadership role and shaping the future of the industry. We have taken an active role in the following organizations:

Top Ten Reasons To Choose OPSdesign Consulting:


Our complete independence from vendors protects your interests. Many consultants claim to be independent, few can prove it. We can furnish an affidavit from our accounting firm stating we have a single source of revenue, client paid fees. We do not sell equipment or software. We do not “partner” with vendors. We do not accept finder’s fees or commissions from hardware or software suppliers. As truly independent supply chain consultants, we protect your interests.


More than 30% of our annual workload is finishing projects that other logistics consultants started, yet we have NEVER been asked to leave a project. The large majority of our workload comes from repeat engagements and client referral. We play well in the sandbox with others and act as part of your team to achieve your goals.


Your business is unique and so are our designs. Since we are not aligned with any vendor organizations, we have a much greater field of options to consider. Processes, systems, infrastructure, and labor deployment alternatives must stand on their own merits as part of an engineered cost/benefit analysis.


Our goals are simple. Everything we do is aimed at adding value, reducing cost, assuring quality, and compressing time in your operations. By focusing on these objectives, we help our clients achieve a strategic advantage and tactical superiority.


When designing supply chain operations, we help identify and sensitivity test volatile model elements to allow our designs to absorb business changes, smooth operational turbulence and mitigate risk.


Whether designing a traditional low-tech warehouse operation or engineering one of the most highly automated supply chain operations on the planet, we focus on developing best process first. Only then do we define the required infrastructure, systems and labor deployment to support the business requirement.


Our of experience in designing consumer-direct, wholesale distribution, retail replenishment, and manufacturing support operations in a variety of industries allows us to cross-pollinate and help our clients identify and apply best practices. Our clients include many of the world’s largest and most recognizable companies as well as smaller privately held companies seeking the tools to compete and grow.


We are recognized thought leaders and subject matter experts. Our staff has been commissioned to author and have published a number of books; our work is often published in magazines and trade journals; we regularly speak at national conferences and forums, and we hold seats on the executive boards of respected supply chain professional societies.


We deliver actionable supply chain optimization recommendations and plans, not just reports. Our work has increased service levels and dropped millions of dollars to the bottom line for our clients. Our clients attest to the fact that our professional fees are often minor in comparison to the ongoing savings we help them achieve.


Call it silly, but we believe that logistics and supply chain projects should be challenging and fun. We’ll come to the project meetings with the right attitude and a box of donuts as our way of starting off the day with a smile. We like our work; we like our clients and it shows. We think you’ll like working with us too.

Let’s Do Business Together

We employ a multidisciplinary team approach, seamlessly blending the talents of seasoned operations professionals and technology-savvy engineers, analysts and computer scientists. Our project teams are lean and agile; ever-focused on achieving your mission-critical goals. You will find that we play well with others, navigate the pitfalls and politics, and help you successfully reach the target. Let’s talk!

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