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  • OPSdesign Capabilities & Credentials

    An overview of OPSdesign capabilities, credentials and scope of work.
  • Tools

    A matrix containing 100 piece-picking alternatives consisting of alternate processes, systems and infrastructure.
    A matrix illustrating quantifiable variables for manual, mechanized, and automated picking of piece, inner-pack, full case and pallet UOMs.
    Hundreds of issues that may need to be addressed as part of your warehouse design project.
  • White Papers

    by Lawrence Dean Shemesh
    This white paper explores the fundamental science behind the ever-changing global supply chain. An analogous view of supply chain evolution to that of organic survival theory yields philosophies and methods for achieving strategic advantage.
    by Lawrence Dean Shemesh
    This white paper identifies the reasons to consider the use of a supply chain consultancy, as well as plainly defining the difference between consulting service offerings by category and tier, thereby providing a logical methodology for comparative analysis and selection.
    by Robert Muller
    This white paper lays out a 10-step plan for evaluating the multitude of alternatives available in designing a piece picking system.

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    OPSdesign Resources Pick This! supply chain solutions book


    “Pick This! – An Anthology of Piece Picking Process Alternatives” is authored by the staff of OPSdesign Consulting and published by the Warehousing Education & Research Council (WERC).  This book outlines the elements of a piece-pick system, explains equipment choices and possible picking methods, and provides a step-by-step approach to determine the best combination of processes, systems, infrastructure, and labor strategy for your warehouse, distribution or fulfillment operation. The publication is rich with photos, illustrations, explanations and costs/benefits associated with each alternative.

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