As part of the OPSdesign Continuous Improvement Methodology™, benchmarking, performance metrics KPIs, and organizational analysis studies are an integral service offering. In order to effectively “Anticipate, Act, Assess, and Adjust™” to a changing business landscape, reliable baseline data regarding minimum and best industry and market channel practices must be aggregated and analyzed.

These baseline metrics can be used to identify your Operations Performance Gap (OPG)™. Your company’s OPG Index™ is based on the delta between current supply chain metrics, those of your competitors, and those that are economically possible to achieve. The OPG Index™ is a concise indicator of the health of your supply chain organization and provides critical diagnostic information and dashboard visibility needed to optimize performance.

As a result of these initiatives, a game plan can be developed to close the Operations Performance Gap and help “achieve strategic advantage and tactical superiority™”.