The very best warehouse design plan is useless unless it is well executed and produces viable, quantifiable results. We realize that our clients must fulfill the rigorous demands of their daily executive, managerial, administrative and supervisory roles. As a result, there is not enough time in the day to adequately manage the detailed planning, implementation, and rollout of new facilities, systems and processes. OPSdesign project management and implementation services are designed to relieve our clients of this burden, stress and uncertainty.

Most supply chain professionals have been cocooned within a few organizations and as a result, have only been exposed to a handful of implementation efforts over the course of their career. Conversely, we do this for a living and our collective experience spans countless warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment operation implementation projects in a wide variety of industries and market channels.

Our clients find comfort in having OPSdesign project managers on their team, freeing them to attend to their ongoing duties. We define the project schedule, manage the critical path elements, report progress, publish meeting minutes, and coordinate the activities of all project participants ensuring the timely delivery of a fully-functional warehousing, distribution or fulfillment operation.